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Skydome Skylights and Rooflights


Skydome System 1 Skylights and Rooflights

System 1Skydome System 1 is manufactured with single or double skinned polycarbonate glazing. Skydome System 1 is a domed skylight and circular (on plan) in shape. As standard, the options available for glazing are clear or diffused polycarbonate, if double skinned, both skins are polycarbonate.

This skylight is attached directly onto an upstand, fixings are used which are drilled through the dome flange. The only ventilation available in Skydome System 1 is trickle ventilation, unless the vent is positioned in the builder’s upstand.

Skydome System 2 Skylights and Rooflights

System 2Skydome System 2 is manufactured with single or double skinned polycarbonate glazing. Skydome System 2 is a domed skylight, rectangular or square (on plan) in shape. As standard, the glazing options are clear or diffused polycarbonate, if the system is double skinned, both skins are polycarbonate.

This skylight is attached directly onto an upstand or flat top kerb, fixings are used which are drilled through the dome flange. Trickle ventilation may be used with this dome.

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Skydome System 3 Skylights and Rooflights

System 3Skydome System 3 is manufactured with single or double skinned polycarbonate glazing. Skydome System 3 is a domed skylight, rectangular or square (on plan) in shape.

This skylight is attached directly onto a ventilated upstand or sloped (30° pitch) kerb. Fixings are used which are drilled through the dome flange.

Skydome Systems 1, 2 and 3 glazed domes are sold with fixings, air-seal tape and instructions on how to install. All three systems are produced entirely from U.V. protected polycarbonate glazing sheets.

Skydome System 4 Skylights and Rooflights

System 4Skydome System 4 is a domed skylight, rectangular or square in shape (on plan). Skydome System 4 is sold accompanied with an aluminium upstand or kerb adaptor, either ventilated or non-ventilated. The upstands have an integral evaporation channel and are fabricated from extruded aluminium. They are designed to trap any condensation that might develop on the inside of the skylight. Insulating the upstand is recommended and is possible in the majority of cases.

Maximum daylight aperture is achieved as a result of extruding upstands (minimum height 160mm) set at 20°. A minimum of 9000 square metres of ventilation is achieved through building slim-line ‘hit and miss’ vents into the upstand.

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Skydome System 3000 Skylights and Rooflights

System 3000Skydome 3000 skylights are built with two priorities in mind, maximum natural light and thermal efficiency.

The Skydome 3000 standard upstand is fully insulated. The upstand is 190mm high with an (optional) external PVC coating which bonds to the aluminium, enabling simple application of ply PVCu roofing membranes. A white polyester finish is painted on all exposed surfaces of aluminium. Total PVCu insulated upstands are available for this system.

The cold bridge effect is reduced by an insulated aluminium frame, which allows for integral slim-line vents to be included within the framework. This surrounds the double skin polycarbonate dome.

Risk of water access is reduced by sealing the dome in place using the EPDM sealing gasket and a thermal barrier of Nylon cleats to minimise heat loss.

Skydome System 5000 Skylights and Rooflights

System 5000Skydome 5000 skylights prioritise security as a main focal point, but are also incredibly thermally efficient.

These skylights are manufactured using impact resistant polycarbonate and high strength extruded aluminium. Maximum cover on the dome flange is accomplished by the design of the glazing frame, so there are no visible fixings.

Options include upstands, security grills, extruded kerb adaptors and slim-line vents.

The System 5000 collection also comes with optional added features including:

  • Access Hatch System
  • Smoke Ventilation System
  • Integral Ladder System

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Skydome Access Hatch

Access HatchSkydome 5000 skylights also come with a built in safety system which permits access from a predetermined level through the skylight well to the roof. The integral aluminium safety ladder system can be fitted to all Skydome skylights over 900 x 900mm. The ladder folds up concertina style, into the skylight well. Available is an optional locking system, restricting access to any unauthorised persons, as well as maximizing the amount of natural light.

Skydome Smoke Vent

Smoke VentSkydome 5000 skylights have excellent security features including an impact resistant polycarbonate and extruded aluminium. A fully tested Pyro Facility can also be supplied, excellent for areas requiring increased security, stairwells and mat stores. This facility connects directly to the fire alarm system, opening automatically to enable effective dispersion of smoke.

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Skydome System 6000

System 6000The Skydome 6000 skylight is manufactured entirely from U.V. protected single or double skin polycarbonate. It is a low-rise vault system commonly fixed to a flat top builder’s upstand. The Skydome 6000 is available in any length but from 600mm – 2400mm wide.

Skylights comply with C.D.M. regulations of safety and strength. They are factory tested to guarantee compliance with these standards. The original manufacturer’s warranty covers all post formed polycarbonate.

Skydome System 7000

System 7000The Skydome 7000 skylight is designed to maximise overglazing in large span areas. High or low rise units are constructed to form vault shapes. Depending on specific requirements, these units can be manufactured in single, double or triple skin polycarbonate.

Vaults are produced from curved extruded aluminium glazing bars with thermal barriers. The sheet is held firmly in position by individually located bars. EPDM glazing gaskets remove any potential access for water. Units are supplied with glazed gable ends and are produced in standard format, with sizes up to a non-supported maximum width span of 3000mm, and in wide span format, a 6000mm width. Aluminium surfaces can be painted with polyester to finish, if necessary.

The following types of ventilation can be incorporated:

  • Opening Panels
  • Mechanical Fans
  • Gable Vents
  • Louvered Kerbs

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Skydome Skylight / Rooflight Available Sizes

available sizes

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