Solar Framed Skylights

Solar Framed Skylights

 Add a touch of elegance and natural light to your home
with our framed skylights.

Solar Framed Skylights

 Add a touch of elegance and natural light to your home
with our framed skylights.

Solar Framed Skylights

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Solar Framed Skylights: Elevate Your Space with Cutting-Edge Features

Introducing our Solar Framed Skylights, the epitome of innovation and efficiency. These skylights are meticulously designed to redefine your living or working environment, offering a host of unmatched benefits that enhance your space in more ways than one.

Key Characteristics and Features:

  • Solar Glass Brilliance: Our Solar Framed Skylights feature solar glass, optimising both thermal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Aluminium Frame for Superior Thermal Efficiency: These skylights are meticulously crafted with aluminium frames to enhance their thermal efficiency, ensuring your space stays comfortable year-round.
  • Modern Aesthetics with Anthracite Grey (7016): Elevate your space's aesthetics with our skylights, featuring an internal and external colour in Anthracite Grey (7016) for a contemporary, stylish touch.
  • Exceptional U Value: With an impressive U Value of just 0.5 W/m².K, our skylights provide outstanding thermal insulation, making them a top choice for energy-conscious individuals.
  • Noise Reduction Expertise: Enjoy peace and tranquillity with noise reduction technology, offering a substantial reduction of up to 36dB, ensuring your space remains undisturbed.
  • Solar Energy Transmittance: Our skylights offer a solar energy transmittance of 30%, allowing you to harness the power of natural light efficiently.
  • UV Transmission: Benefit from UV transmission of only 16%, safeguarding your interiors from harmful UV rays.
  • Double and Triple Glazed Options: Choose the glazing option that suits your needs with our range of double and triple glazed options, offering added insulation and energy efficiency.

High-Level Security

Our Solar Framed Skylights offer a level of security that gives you peace of mind. These skylights are designed to be non-opening and framed, providing robust security to protect your space from potential break-ins. You can trust in the safety and security of your property, knowing that your skylights are built to withstand intruders.

Natural Light

Our skylights allow an abundance of natural light into the building, which can improve the overall atmosphere and provide a sense of openness. This is especially beneficial for darker spaces that require additional lighting, such as corridors, stairwells, and inner rooms. With our skylights, you'll experience a brighter and more inviting environment that breathes life into your surroundings, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

Energy Efficiency

Our skylights offer exceptional thermal performance, ensuring that your building retains heat during winter and stays cool during summer. With a U Value of just 0.5 W/m².K, these skylights excel in energy efficiency, helping you reduce heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. By harnessing the power of natural light and optimizing insulation, our Solar Framed Skylights are the perfect solution for energy-conscious individuals looking to create an eco-friendly and cost-effective living or working space.

Discover Our Skylights

With our Solar Framed Skylights, you'll enjoy unmatched thermal efficiency, security, noise reduction, an abundance of natural light, and outstanding energy efficiency. These skylights are not just a functional addition; they're a transformational enhancement that elevates your space to new heights.