Foam Rope – Structural Glazing Tape – 9mm Thick (7.5m Rolls)

Double-sided, high-adhesion PVC tape designed specifically for structural spacer systems in glazing applications. It features an open-cell construction that facilitates the complete curing of structural silicones from every angle, ensuring a strong and reliable bond. The tape is coated with a durable acrylic adhesive that allows for quick rebound from compression, maintaining its integrity and performance.

The product’s open-cell design has been rigorously tested according to ASTM E96-2005 standards for water vapor transmission, confirming its effective airflow structure. Additionally, it has undergone thorough testing and received approval from The Dow Chemical Company, attesting to its quality and suitability for structural glazing applications.

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Double Sided high tack acrylic adhesive coated PVC structural spacer glazing tape. This tape is designed for use in structural spacer systems and has an open cell structure to allow the curing of structural silicones on all sides. Fast recovery from compression.


 Black / Grey (by special order)

Tested to ASTM E96-2005 water vapour transmission to determine open cell airflow structure

Density 300 kg/m³
Tensile Strength 500 kpa min DIN 53571
Elongation 150% min DIN 53571
Tear Strength 2.5 kg/cm min DIN 53515
Compression Set 10% max. DIN 53572
Final Recovery 90-98% DIN 53572

Force to compress by 5% (to retain air permeability)         40N/CM²

Water Absorption                                        8% by volume

Cold Flexure                                             -30°C pass                 6 mm Madril

Temperature Resistance                               -50°C to +60°C BS 2571

Thermal conductivity                                    0.19w/(m. K) or 0.16 kcal

Shore Hardness 75-85 Shore 00 , 35 Shore A
Resistance to Ageing Excellent
Resistance to Chemicals: –
Acid Good
Mineral Oil Good
Alcohol Good
Alkalis Good
Petrol Good
Soap & Detergents Good
Compression required to achieve a
Positive waterseal 10%









Adhesive                            Pure high tack Acrylic           70 gsm



Adhesive strength


1 minute



(FINAT TM 1-adhesion 20 minutes 23N/25mm
of polyester 50 um against stainless steel 24 hours 25N/25mm

1 kg Static Shear, 25 mm x 25 mm                     33 hrs

Release                                                   15 N/m

Temperature Range                                    -20°C to +90°C


CONSTRUCTION                  TYPE

 Adhesive                            Pure high tack Acrylic           50 gsm



 Carrier                                                   :         None

Release Liner                                           :         Filmic Liner: 150 mic at sizes up to 8mm, 80 mic at 9.5mm and 12mm

Adhesive                                                :         Pure acrylic

Adhesive strength                                                 1 minute          14N/25mm

(FINAT TM 1-adhesion                                           20 minutes       16N/25mm

of polyester 50 um against                                       24 hours          21 N/ 25mm stainless steel)


Resistance to chemicals        When correctly applied, resistant against most

solvents, mineral oils, fuels, aliphatic solvents, dilute acids, salts and alkalis.


Application temperature        >15°C

Shelf life                            1 year

(at 20°C and 50% relative humidity)


 This product is made up from PVC foam coated on both sides with an adhesive. It has not been tested for flammability but can be considered self- extinguishing due to the nature of the components. However, it should be noted that any smoke created would be highly toxic and would emit Hydrogen Cyanide gas during and after burning.


 All Technical data is based on average values. By nature of its manufacture, all foam specifications can vary by 10%. Statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his/her intended use and the User assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection herewith.

Products are manufactured to rigid standards of quality.

To date no known failures have occurred due to the premature ageing of this product.

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