Skylight Blinds for Flat Roof Window 1200x2500mm Original price was: £ 826,00.Current price is: £ 726,00. incl. VAT
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Skylight Blinds for Flat Roof Window 1500x2000mm Original price was: £ 806,00.Current price is: £ 706,00. incl. VAT

Skylight Blinds for Flat Roof Window 1500x1500mm

Original price was: £ 781,00.Current price is: £ 681,00. incl. VAT

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The size of the electrical blinds is 1415x1415mm.
Colour: white

Blinds are individually made to order and are non-refundable.

Battery-operated blinds include:
– Blind
– 12v Somfy RTS Motor
– Somfy 12v Li-Ion Battery Pack
– Somfy Situo 1 RTS Remote
– Somfy 12v Li-Ion Charger

Hardwired blinds include:
– Blind
– 12v Somfy RTS Motor
– Somfy Situo 1 RTS Remote

Profile dimensions:
– Height of profile – 36mm
– Width of the length of profile (short side)- 60mm
– Width of the sides of profile (long side) – 45mm

The cable on hard-wired will exit in the middle from the opposite end that the blind stacks.

These electrical blinds fit our skylight 1500x1500mm.

We recommend fitting our blind horizontally, 200mm below the skylight. These standard blinds open and close on the shorter side.

This item: Skylight Blinds for Flat Roof Window 1500x1500mm
Original price was: £ 781,00.Current price is: £ 681,00. incl. VAT
Original price was: £ 781,00.Current price is: £ 681,00. incl. VAT
Original price was: £ 1.569,00.Current price is: £ 1.067,00. incl. VAT
£ 89,00 incl. VAT

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Skylight Enhancement Guide: Tailored Blind Options

For those with pitched roofs or unique skylight installations, we suggest opting for a bespoke blind solution. Consider the following key points when opting for a custom blind:

Ensure precise measurements of your skylight opening. It's crucial to subtract 15-20mm from this measurement to guarantee a seamless fit for both the blind and its frame within the skylight aperture.

For optimal installation, position the blind approximately 200mm beneath the skylight. Typically, blinds are designed to open and close along their shorter edge. It's important to note that the wire for the blind emerges from the mid-point of the frame on the side opposite the blind.

When choosing a wired blind option, a 3-core 0.75mm cable can be connected to the exiting blind cable. This setup benefits from an integrated transformer within the blind, effectively reducing the electrical input from 240v to a safe 24v to power the motor.

For flat roof installations, it's convenient to order your custom blind concurrently with your skylight unit, ensuring a harmonious fit and function.

Skylight Blinds: Elevate Your Space with Smart Shading Solutions

Transform your living or workspace with our electric skylight blinds, where sophisticated design meets cutting-edge functionality. 

Ideal for those prioritizing ease and seamless control, our skylight blinds are engineered to enhance your environment with just the touch of a button. Offering both battery-operated and hardwired configurations, our range accommodates your specific installation requirements with flexibility.

To assist in your installation journey, we provide comprehensive measuring guides, instructional fitting videos, and dedicated support from our team of experts, ensuring a smooth setup process for your skylight window blinds.

Designed with flat roof skylights in mind, our electric blinds offer unmatched coverage and light control. The specially crafted fabric not only reduces light entry but also dampens external noise, making these blinds an exceptional choice for tranquil spaces like bedrooms or study areas, where serenity is paramount.

Embrace modern shading technology with our skylight blinds, equipped to provide personalized control. Whether you prefer adjusting your blinds individually, in groups via a handset, wall switch, or through a smart device connected to a smart hub, our system integrates seamlessly. Compatible with home automation systems and Building Management Systems (BMS), our blinds offer unparalleled convenience, aligning with your lifestyle or workspace dynamics.

Choose our skylight blinds for a harmonious blend of practicality, aesthetic appeal, and enhanced comfort, transforming your space into a haven of controlled light and tranquility.

Light Management Made Easy

Illuminate your space with Electric Skylight Blinds, offering the ideal solution to welcome light without the unwanted heat. These blinds allow you to fine-tune the brightness of your rooms, effectively blocking UV rays and minimizing glare for a more comfortable and luminous environment. Experience the benefits of a cooler, well-lit home throughout the year with the versatility of Electric Skylight Blinds.

Safeguard Your Interiors

Preserve the vibrant look of your furniture, floors, and textiles with Electric Skylight Blinds. Engineered to shield your valuables from the sun’s intense rays, our blinds prevent fading and maintain the pristine condition of your interior décor. The adjustable slats give you the power to manage sunlight exposure, ensuring lasting protection for your cherished possessions.

Efficient Temperature Regulation

Optimize your home’s energy efficiency with Electric Skylight Blinds. Whether you choose our motorized or manual options, these blinds play a crucial role in stabilizing indoor temperatures and curbing energy expenditure. Embrace the comfort of consistent warmth or coolness throughout the seasons, all while enjoying potential savings on your energy bills.

Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic

Transform your home’s atmosphere with the stylish addition of Electric Skylight Blinds. Break free from monotony and express your unique style by selecting from a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. Installing these blinds not only simplifies light control but also adds a distinctive flair to your interiors, making your home a true reflection of your personal taste.

Key Features of Skylight Blinds


Offers complete room darkening and privacy.

Cellular Fabric

Reduces noise for a quieter space.


Built with high-quality materials for lasting use.

Honeycomb Design

Enhances energy efficiency and insulation.

Smart Compatibility

Integrates with home automation for best control.

Easy Setup

Quick installation and low maintenance.

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