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Skylights in Manchester

Elevate your Manchester home or office with the finest selection of skylights from Regal Glass Group. With our online shop serving the entire nation, we guarantee that the beauty and efficiency of our skylights are accessible to everyone in Manchester.

Our collection includes skylight windows, bespoke skylights and cost-effective roof lanterns, all tailored to meet your unique requirements. This range promises an unparalleled combination of quality and affordability, ensuring every Manchester space can enjoy the transformative impact of our products.

Roof Windows & Skylights in Manchester

Explore the wide array of skylight options available for Manchester, brought to you by Regal Glass Group, where diversity meets excellence. Our extensive lineup, featuring both rooflights and skylights in Manchester, is suited to a variety of tastes and needs. With readily available standard sizes for quick installation and tailored bespoke and custom options for distinct spaces, we guarantee that each Manchester property can be enhanced with the infusion of natural light and sophisticated style.

A Skylight for Every Roof in Manchester:

  • Flat Roof Skylights: The go-to for modern Manchester homes, blending seamless aesthetics with stellar performance.
  • Pitched Roof Skylights: Strategically designed to maximize sunlight capture, they uplift both classic and modern Manchester dwellings.
  • Electric Opening Skylights: Ease and convenience with just a click, ensuring Manchester homes enjoy fresh air and natural light without effort.
  • Walk-On Roof Windows: Merging strength with design flair, these are perfect for Manchester's high-traffic zones, offering creative architectural solutions.
  • Solar Framed Skylights: Embrace eco-friendly living in Manchester with skylights that utilize solar energy for a lighter, brighter home.
  • Skylight Blinds: Manage indoor lighting with ease, thanks to stylish blinds that complement Manchester's chic interiors.
  • Circular Skylights: A statement piece for Manchester homes, these skylights offer unique charm with their distinctive design.
  • Custom Skylights: Bespoke options crafted specifically for the unique architectural needs of Manchester properties.
  • Roof Lanterns: Transform your Manchester extension or orangery into a luminous space with our sophisticated roof lanterns.
  • Skylight Upstands & Installation Kits: All the essentials for a smooth installation experience in Manchester, ensuring your skylight fits perfectly.

Flat Roof Skylights (37)

Pitched Roof Skylights (37)

Electric Opening Skylights (10)

Walk-On Roof Windows (7)

Solar Framed Skylights (16)

Skylight Blinds (79)

Round Skylights (5)

Custom Skylights (3)

Roof Lanterns (19)

Skylight Upstands (10)

Accessories (123)

Installation Kits (110)

Cost-Effective Skylight Windows in Manchester

Discover the seamless blend of functionality and affordability with Regal Glass Group's skylight solutions, expertly tailored for Manchester's residential and commercial spaces. Our fixed frameless skylights, featured in our collection of Rooflights in Manchester, not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also offer significant cost-saving benefits, all while maintaining our commitment to high-quality standards:

  • Energy Efficiency: Boasting a U-value of 1.1 W/(m².K), our skylights provide superior thermal insulation, reducing heating expenses in Manchester's varied climate.
  • Solar Control: With total solar energy transmittance at 49%, our skylights efficiently regulate solar gain, ensuring your Manchester premises remain comfortable without the need for extensive cooling.
  • UV Protection: Enjoy the added security of 0% UV transmission, safeguarding your indoor furnishings in Manchester from sun damage and fading.
  • Optimal Light and Heat Balance: The shading coefficient (SC) of 0.56 and selectivity of 1.51 achieve the perfect equilibrium, allowing ample natural light while minimizing heat ingress, perfectly suited to Manchester's diverse weather conditions.

Frameless Skylights Glass Performance

Experience the perfect blend of natural light, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and UV protection with our precision-engineered glass.

Modern Design
Solar energy transmittance (G value): g [%] 65
UV transmission : 0 τuv [%]
Light transmittance: τv [%] 72
Thermal transmittance (U value): : 0.9 [W/(m².K)]
Min 3.0 [W/(m².K)] / Max 0.1 [W/(m².K)] 70%
Shading coefficient: 0.66 SC
( Maximum SC 1.00 / Maximum SC 0.20 ) 42%
Sound Reduction: 39 dB (-2;-7)
( Maximum 40dB / Minimum 30dB ) 90%

Incorporating our skylights into your Manchester property guarantees not only an aesthetic uplift but also substantial, enduring savings. Whether your interest lies in roof windows, rooflights, or the sophisticated charm of our cost-effective roof lanterns in Manchester, Regal Glass Group provides custom skylight windows to meet your specific requirements. Choose our roof windows in Manchester for an investment that truly enhances your space.

Seamless Skylight Installation Services in Manchester

At Regal Glass Group, our mission extends beyond just supplying Manchester with premium skylights and roof windows; we're also dedicated to their expert installation. Our professional installation services are meticulously tailored to ensure each skylight or roof lantern integrates seamlessly, enhancing the distinct style of your Manchester home or business.

Our Manchester-based team of proficient skylight installers is adept at executing installations with precision and attention to detail, ensuring an impeccable fit and finish every time. Whether it's our bespoke skylights, cost-effective roof lanterns, or any skylight windows for your Manchester property, you can rely on our expertise to flawlessly realize your architectural vision.

Choose Regal Glass Group's skylight installation services in Manchester and witness the transformative effect of skilled craftsmanship. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we're committed to fulfilling your specific requirements, ensuring your new skylight or roof window perfectly complements your Manchester property. For further inquiries or custom needs, feel free to contact us. We're here to turn your skylight aspirations into reality.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

    Your Skylight Supplier in Manchester

    As your leading skylight supplier in Manchester, Regal Glass Group shines with over twenty years of unparalleled service in the skylight sector. Our legacy, enriched by a deep-rooted history and comprehensive know-how, establishes us as a pivotal provider of skylight and rooflight solutions. With advanced manufacturing facilities in Europe, we offer our dependable services in Manchester and beyond, ensuring excellence and satisfaction for each endeavor.

    Our role as your skylight supplier in Manchester extends far beyond just supplying products. We're committed to the continuous innovation of skylights and flat roof windows, presenting cutting-edge solutions that transform roofing projects. Every skylight window we supply stands as evidence of our dedication to excellence, equipped with triple glazing for superior energy efficiency, innovative self-cleaning technology for simplified upkeep, and backed by ISO certification to ensure top-quality.

    Select Regal Glass Group as your skylight supplier in Manchester for a partnership characterized by unmatched expertise, dependability, and creativity. Our skylight solutions are crafted not merely to fulfil but to surpass expectations, making each installation a symbol of enduring quality, performance, and design elegance.

    FAQs - Rooflights and Skylights in Manchester

    Where can I find high-quality skylights in Manchester for my home renovation project?

    or top-tier skylights in Manchester, Regal Glass Group is your go-to source. We specialize in a broad array of skylight windows perfect for enhancing any home renovation with natural light and style. Our products are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and design, ensuring your Manchester home benefits from both beauty and functionality.

    Are there options for bespoke skylights in Manchester that can be customized to fit unique architectural designs?

    Yes, we offer a variety of bespoke skylights in Manchester, tailored to align with your unique architectural requirements. Our team at Regal Glass Group can work with you to create custom skylights that not only fit the specific dimensions and style of your space but also enhance its overall aesthetic and value. Whether you're looking for a particular shape, size, or functionality, we can provide a skylight solution that perfectly complements your Manchester property.

    What should I look for when choosing skylight windows in Manchester for optimal natural lighting?

    When selecting skylight windows in Manchester to maximize natural light, focus on several key aspects:

    • Orientation: Position the skylight to capture the most daylight, taking into account the path of the sun relative to your property.
    • Size: A larger skylight will allow more light, but ensure it's proportionate to the size of your room for a balanced look.
    • Glazing: Choose skylights with energy-efficient glazing that maximizes light while maintaining indoor comfort.
    • Ventilation: Consider skylights that offer ventilation to enhance air quality and reduce the need for artificial cooling.
    • Durability: Opt for materials that are durable and suitable for Manchester's climate, ensuring long-term performance.

    Regal Glass Group in Manchester specializes in providing skylight solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to maximize natural lighting in your home.

    What are the latest trends in skylights in Manchester, and where can I find them?

    The latest trends in skylights in Manchester include:

    • Minimalistic Design: Sleek, slim frames that maximize the glass area, allowing more light to flood in.
    • Sustainable Materials: Use of eco-friendly, durable materials that contribute to better insulation and energy efficiency.
    • Adaptive Glazing: Smart glass technology that adjusts tint based on sunlight intensity for optimal indoor comfort.
    • Decorative Features: Incorporation of ornate designs that add elegance to both traditional and contemporary homes.
    • Integrated Lighting: LED lighting seamlessly integrated into the roof lantern for enhanced ambiance at night.

    Regal Glass Group is at the forefront of these trends, offering a stunning selection of modern roof lanterns in Manchester. Our products are designed to meet the latest architectural preferences, ensuring your home benefits from both innovation and style.

    How can I find cost-effective roof lanterns in Manchester without compromising on quality?

    Finding cost-effective roof lanterns in Manchester that maintain high quality is all about choosing the right supplier. Regal Glass Group offers an array of roof lanterns that strike the perfect balance between affordability and excellence. Our products are designed with energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal in mind, ensuring you don't have to sacrifice quality for cost. By leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and sourcing premium materials, we provide roof lanterns that enhance your Manchester property's value and appearance without breaking the bank.

    Where can I explore a comprehensive range of roof windows and skylights in Manchester?

    For a wide selection of roof windows and skylights in Manchester, look no further than Regal Glass Group. Our extensive collection includes various styles, sizes, and functionalities to suit any architectural need or personal preference. Whether you're seeking traditional skylights, innovative roof windows, or bespoke solutions, our catalog is designed to cater to every Manchester home and business. Visit our website or contact our expert team to discover the ideal skylight options that will transform your space with natural light and elegance.

    What are the advantages of integrating rooflights and skylights in Manchester properties for enhanced daylighting?

    Integrating rooflights and skylights into Manchester properties offers several key advantages for enhanced daylighting:

    1. Increased Natural Light: Rooflights and skylights are specifically designed to maximize the entry of natural sunlight into your property, brightening up interior spaces more effectively than traditional windows can.

    2. Energy Efficiency: By allowing more natural light in, skylights and rooflights can reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, leading to lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

    3. Aesthetic Appeal: Installing skylights or rooflights can significantly enhance the architectural appeal of your Manchester property, both from the inside and the outside, adding value and character.

    4. Improved Well-being: Natural light is known to have several health benefits, including boosting mood and productivity, as well as improving the overall ambience of living and working spaces.

    5. Ventilation: Many skylight models offer the option for ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate and improving the indoor air quality of your property.

    Regal Glass Group specializes in providing high-quality skylights and rooflights for properties in Manchester, ensuring that each installation brings these benefits to your home or business.

    What types of skylights are commonly installed in Manchester homes?

    In Manchester, homeowners can choose from fixed skylights, which are sealed and do not open, ventilated skylights that can open to allow air circulation, and tubular skylights that are ideal for illuminating smaller spaces or corridors.

    Are there specific building regulations in Manchester for skylight installation?

    Yes, there are building regulations in Manchester that govern skylight installations, focusing on aspects like insulation and waterproofing. It's important to adhere to these regulations to ensure safety and efficiency. Professional installers can navigate these requirements to ensure compliance.

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